Fishing at Victoria Outfitters

When fishing at Victoria Outfitters, we will take you on guided tours throughout the interior to various fishing locations. From the pristine waters of the Mealpeag reservoir in search of big brook trout, to the beautiful Exploits River for mighty Atlantic Salmon, your angling experience will be a lifelong memory. Our local, knowledgeable guides will outfit your tackle depending on the target species and season. We recommend spinning rod and fly rod for trout fishing, but Salmon fishing requires fly rod only. We use various types of bait, lures, and flies, many of which are available at the lodge, but you may bring your own if you wish.

Trout Fishing

Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

ImageThe island of Newfoundland has pristine brooks, ponds, and lakes that produce some of the best brook trout fishing in the world. Our waters provide routine catches between 1-3 pounds (30-45cm), with trophies of 4-6 pounds (45-60cm) on occasion. For a memorable brook trout angling experience of a lifetime, come fish with Victoria Outfitters and Lodge.

Artic Char (Salvelinus alpinus)

These close relatives of brook trout prefer crisp colder waters and are isolated to a few lakes and ponds in the island’s interior, but are quite common is Northern Labrador and coastal waters. The inland waters of Newfoundland produce char between 1-5 pounds (30-60cm), while Artic Char in coastal waters and Northern regions have been taken in excess of 15 pounds.

Ouananiche (Salmo salar)

Also known as “Landlocked Salmon”, these fish are found in abundance throughout the island in waters with access to the sea. This mighty and powerful fish averages 1-3 pounds (30-50cm), and trophies of 6-10 pounds are not uncommon. The world record 22 pound 11 ounce ouananiche was taken in Labrador. These fish are acrobatic fighters, with lightning speed and power that can literally destroy small tackle, you won’t soon forget your ouananiche angling experience with Vitoria Outfitters and Lodge.


Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

ImageThe province of Newfoundland and Labrador is home to 60% of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in North America, with the major rivers holding annual runs in excess of 30,000 fish. The mighty Exploits river, the largest river in the province (246km) is our Atlantic Salmon headquarters. From mid June until early fall, this mighty fish, who’s Latin name means “the leaper” migrates from coastal waters to spawn in inland rivers and streams. Atlantic salmon range in size from “grilse” 3-6 pounds (30-65cm) to Adult Atlantic salmon 8-30 pounds (70-100+cm). Come experience Atlantic Salmon fishing at it’s best with Victoria Outfitters and Lodge.

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